Restoration of a Stanley
Model 735

This section of the website is under construction.  The restoration of Stanley Motor Carriage Company steam carriage Serial Number 18137, a Model 735B, began the day it was brought home ~ Thursday, January 1, 1998.  Mechanical restoration took two years with the car initially driven during August 1999.  In early 2000 the body restoration started with the stripping of paint from the aluminum body.  Body restoration was completed June 12, 2004.  Currently the car is undergoing restoration of the leather seats, linoleum floorboards and is receiving a new canvas top.

As the various aspects of the restoration are completed, and I have time to document the restoration efforts accomplished, those sections will be linked on this page.  Please stop back to see what has been added. 

This section of the website contains a lot of photographs.  Typically a webpage will include four to eight photographs.  I've tried to limit the download time for a given page to under three minutes for a 56K modem (which is what I'm using to create this website).  Those with cable or DSL connections will see the pages load a lot quicker.  For those with slower connections the text for each page should display rather quickly and I suggest you start reading as the pictures will load while you're reading a given page.

 The car was originally restored in the early 1950s by Harlowe Zinn of New Jersey.  In September 1952 Popular Science included an article on Harlowe’s restoration of the car.  Click on the link to read the September 1952 Popular Science article.  Note that the article is in Adobe Portable Document File format (PDF) and Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or later is required to read the article.  A new browser window will open to view the document.  As the file is 1.5 megabytes in size it will take a few minutes to download into the viewer.

As Purchased
Photos of the car the day it was brought home.

Non-Stanley Changes
What was changed from the way the car left the factory

Body Restoration & Painting
Description of the bodywork repairs, priming, and painting of the car.

Description of the process of making a Stanley Condensing Boiler

Restoration of the Mechanical Brakes and conversion to Hydraulic Brakes

Burner & Superheater
Photos of the major restoration done on a burner and superheater

Electrical System
Details of the conversion from 6 to 12 volts

Restoration of the seats, front linoleum floorboards, and rear carpet

Top and Side Curtains
Replacement of the Top and Side Curtains

Piping Systems
Restoration of the car's 6 plumbing systems

Restoration of the combination speedometer and odometer

Steam Oil Separator
The addition of a separator to scrub the steam exhaust

Steering System
Checkout of the steering box and associated steering parts

Tank Restoration
Replacement of three tanks and restoration of three more

Wire Wheel Restoration
Repair, spoking, and painting of the wire wheels

Restoration Logs
View the log entries of the restoration progress

Parts & Suppliers
Sources of Stanley Parts and Services progress


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